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Moderator Rules

1. Mods are to boot out those users who are flooding and disrupting the chat room ONLY. This includes advertising and making racial or obscene remarks. Those users will be given a warning first.

2. Mods are NOT allowed to participate in other private or public rooms except the main room. *Some rooms do not allow the creation of private and public rooms by users. Only mods can create rooms.

3. Mods are NOT allowed to boot people because they disagree or, in any way, dislike a user.

4. Mods are NOT allowed to argue with other mods. If there are issues, please email the Chatmaster at:

5. Mods are NOT allowed to share their passwords with anyone. If they do, they will be fired immediately with no exceptions.

6. Mods are NOT allowed to share any of their moderator information with anyone including those pretending to be the Chatmaster. The Chatmaster (or any other admin) will NEVER ask you to give out your password. Those who do not comply will be fired.

7. This moderator login page is to be kept confidential and is for authorized users only. Do not share this url with anyone.

8. Mods are restricted from posting user IP addresses in public forum or any other place deemed to be used for public consumption.

9. If you have been given ban privileges, please clear the ban list on a daily basis. Some IP addresses are to remain permanently on the ban list.

10. Your ip address is recorded when you log into the chat as a mod. Unauthorized IPs will be banned and this is used to determine whether you are sharing mod passwords with anyone else.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in the immediate termination of a moderator.

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